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A Postcard from Stobswell

Blue Skies 2016

Join us at the Ranger Centre in Baxter Park for an evening of sharing. The programme includes a short film screening of A Postcard from Stobswell, an exhibition of work by the DCA-based Blue Sky Photo Club; and poetry performances from Stobswell past and present, all celebrating the stories behind Stobswell’s cultural hotspots.

We’ll also invite you to share your own insights from your local area and hear from active members of Stobswell’s community about the amazing work they do, with an open mic platform to share your own activities and projects.

This event follows up on Creative Dundee’s project Follow Me! Stories from Stobswell. Follow Me! is a project connecting people, places and stories from around the city. The aim is to capture the stories behind Dundee’s cultural hotspots, the places most important to local people, told through their own voices. Working in collaboration with a designer, photographer and film-maker, Creative Dundee took Follow Me! To Celebration in the Park at Baxter Park last summer and asked the community to share their favourite hotspots. Join us for this community celebration and to find out more about the project.